In order to meet the insurance and protection requirements of the social patrimony of the many Italian production activities already moved in Eastern Europe, we considered appropriate the penetration of the Romanian economic context by collaborating with CONIMPEX Insurance Broker SRL.

The services provided by CONIMPEX Insurance Broker SRL in as difficult a context as the Romanian one offer suport in a determined and unique manner for the protection of the local area patrimony.

CONIMPEX Insurance Broker SRL has a mission in the economic Romanian context: to provide SAFETY, a "good" intangible concept but with concrete content.

CONIMPEX Insurance Broker SRL is the ideal interlocutor for companies in Romania, its services consisting in:
  • Out-sourcing of all the insurance management service that allows the administrative organs of the company the saving of resources;
  • Application of conditions and clear contractual regulations already adopted and understandable in other countries;
  • Treatment of all insurance necessities with Italian or Romanian people;
  • Effective guarantee of solvency and safety of the insurance;
  • Management of the compensation practices until effective damage liquidation;
  • Immediate interaction with the correspondent Italian- L'ASSICURATIONE INSURANCE BROKER SRL

CONIMPEX Insurance Broker SRL works exclusively with top national and international companies ((Generali, Allianz-Tiriac, Aig, Groupama, Qbe, Fata, Uniqa, etc..), and through specific "fronting" and reinsurance agreements 100% with local insurers.
CONIMPEX Insurance Broker SRL is developing with the stable presence of several Italian brokers - with the know-how accumulated by them over the years and with the knowledge of the market planning and economic operators in Romania. Territorial efficiency is guaranteed throughout the country .

CONIMPEX Insurance Broker SRL exert their activity by providing businesses the folowing services:


Identification, analysis and risk assessment
Study of prevention and protection
Certification of real risks and relative insurance cover


Analysis of the existing insurance program
Individualization of insurance coverage
Implementation of contractual coverage
Research on the national and international market for the best conditions
Analysis of the client methodology for the management of the risk policies


Development of the annual insurance program
Placement of the policies
Administrative management of policies
Assistance in the management and liquidation of damages
Continuous information of the client about the latest insurance products

CONIMPEX Insurance Broker SRL may therefore manage on your account any risk, guarantee effective solvability and safe insurance- both regarding the coverage and the costs, allowing a sensitive reduction in insurance costs because as a Broker- non-affiliated exclusively to any insurance Company, it can choose freely between different market offers, the one which best satisfies your company requirements.

Among CONIMPEX Insurance Broker SRL’s clients there are leading international companies and important investment in Romania.
CONIMPEX Insurance Broker SRL is a Romanian firm that provides consulting, insurance brokerage and assistance in the field, established in 1991, according to the 31/1990, 47/1991 and 32/2000 Laws and the Insurance Supervisory Commission Notice nr. 207/13.02.2002.
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